Saturday, August 5, 2017

Vocation chooses you - Jim Carrey

At the very beginning of this story of Jim Carrey I was captivated... 

"What do you do when life chooses you?" 

Just pondering this question can lead to wonders that I think Carrey hoped to get his audience (us) to explore. What do you do when ... life... wait a minute, who/what is life? Life is know, life isn't it? and then he continues...

"your vocation chooses you." Wow! life = vocation = life. Wow!

And then with my mind wondering: with our supposed free-will, do we always allow "vocation" to choose us?

Skipping to the end Carrey states, "I don't know what painting teaches me, I know it just frees me: free from the future, free from the past, free from regret, free from worry... Something inside of you is always telling a story. I believe every single thing you see and hear is talking to you...The bottom-line with all of this, whether it is performance or art or its sculpture, is love. We want to show ourselves and have that be accepted. I love being alive, and the art is the evidence of that."
Captivated by this reflection by Jim Carrey, the question I ponder is; Have I allowed my vocation to choose me?