Spiritual Direction

The Spiritual Journey is a Going Forth
“For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ” (Galatians 3: 27).    
This new identity in Christ sends all Christians forth on the journey into deep holiness and intentional discipleship. This act of being baptized into Christ - is an initiation into the mystery of the Body of Christ and we must never overlook how simply human the fact is that it starts off being formed in relationship, touched by Grace.
Faith passes from one person to another and the inspiration to proclaim it with conviction and charity is likewise received from those whose lives we admire and who have in one way or another passed this faith on to us. And thus when, two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18.20)
This simply human dynamic touched by Grace is at the heart of spiritual direction and is an evangelization process in the company of a companion. Spiritual direction is an ancient Christian practice in which one person helps another grow in his/her awareness and response to the presence and leading of God in his/her life.
Are you looking for ongoing spiritual guidance in your life? Have you considered meeting with a spiritual director? There are many reasons one might seek out a spiritual director:
·        when one is looking for “more” in one’s relationship to God
·        in times of transition or discernment
·        when one is seeking support for one’s own soul’s growth
·        during a difficult period when it is hard to see God
·        through a nudging of the Spirit
·        in the desire to serve with authenticity and integrity
·        when seeking a safe space to talk about matters of faith
·        when one is longing to grow in one’s sense of spiritual authority & strength
In spiritual direction, you will come to know God – and yourself – better. Spiritual direction is one path to finding and living out your heart’s deepest desires…and coming home again, sometimes in new ways.
What Spiritual Direction is Not
Spiritual direction is not psychotherapy, counseling, or any other type of therapy. It is not a dependent relationship in which your director holds all the wisdom and answers to your problems. Your director does not “tell you what to do”, but rather helps you to discern what God may be calling you to be or to do. God is already at work in your life. You come to your session ready to be still, and together with your director, in the presence of the Holy Spirit, to listen to the truths of your story as God reveals God’s self through the everyday happenings of your life.

Radio Interview on Spiritual Direction

Link here to listen to Catholic Conversations hosted by Jason Bramley interviewing Tina Boettcher, Pam Smith and David Nybakke.

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