First Session & Rate

In our first session we will review your journey reflecting on:
* A brief sketch of the story of your spiritual development;
* Have you been involved in spiritual direction before? (If so, describe the experience briefly.)
* Why are you seeking spiritual direction now and what are you hoping to receive?
* How do you experience prayer at the moment?
The outcome of this prayerful review will provide the pace for our future sessions.  After six sessions we will review the relationship and come to a mutually agreeable place of either continuing or ending the commitment.
My fee is $40 per session. Sessions last about an hour. The first session is complimentary, to let you try it out, meet me, and to see if it feels right. You are under no obligation to continue – for the choice to pursue the path of spiritual direction is between you and God alone.

For online sessions you may choose to pay with Paypal which I offer on this site. Simply scroll down the right hand side bar till you will find the Paypal button just after 'About Me' and just prior to the Franciscan Tau image.  The drop down menu allows payment for up to 3 sessions. It takes time to build a relationship of trust and comfort, therefore after an initial complimentary session, I ask for a commitment of a series of 3 sessions.

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